Uniquely You Custom Tailors would like to welcome Quality Tailors!

Quality Tailors’ owned by Mohinder is joining Unique Tailor to bring the best tailoring services to the triangle.

Mohinder started tailoring when she was a teenager in her native country – India. She turned her hobby into a passionate pursuit by stitching clothes for her family and friends at school. She continued to hone her skills while growing up and designed many creative costumes for her sons’ fancy dress shows and theatre performances at school and soon started to get requests from more and more people. After immigrating to the United States in early eighties, she made a switch in her career from a Principal at a middle school in New Delhi, India to a full time tailor and small business owner in Raleigh, North Carolina. She has worked consistently and tirelessly for over 25 years helping thousands of customers. She is soft spoken and always greets customers with a smile!

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