Its as simple as asking

Hello All.

Its been a while since I’ve been here.  So here’s the thing, I’m probably the most easy tailor to get a long with..  all you have to do is ask.  Most tailor shops you go to are a little set in their ways;  they open, they close, and they do things their way.  Me… Just ask.. I have my posted business hours, but I understand that my customers may have just as busy hours as I do,  if you need to come a little later and maybe sometimes earlier than my posted hours, Just ask I just may do that. Read more

Stich & Snitch… Life of a Tailor

Hi,  let me introduce myself.  I am Sharon, and the one thing I love to do most is sew.  I started sewing at a very young age, about 8 or 9.  I would sit and watch my mom sew and after a while when she saw my interest, she would give me “sewing tips”.   When I was 13 she decided it was time for me to get formal training, and she sent me to sewing classes at the local singer store on Jamaica Ave, in Queens, NY.  While there I made a 3 piece suit,  a bolero style  jacket with short sleeves and a turned pointed cuff,  a long sleeve tied neck blouse and an A line skirt.  I came in 2nd place, and was happy!

I graduated from Fashion institute of technology in New York, with an Associates in pattern making.   After graduation I opened Clothes and more boutique, there we had retail clothing sales in the front and custom dressmaking and alterations in the back. Read more